Warrant Canary

This page (the address of which is arcaoceanus.com/warrant-canary) represents the Arca Oceanus WARRANT CANARY, the provisions of which are outlined below.

Date and Time Of Last Update:
02 July 2018 1:45PM EDT

If the CURRENT DATE AND TIME IN NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES is fifteen (15) calendar days or less from the date and time listed above, Arca Oceanus, The Arca Oceanus Project, and arcaoceanus.com attest that up to that date and time we have not received any National Security Letters, FISA court orders, or any substantially similar legal demands; have not been the subject of any search/seizure; and have not been subject to any gag order by a FISA court or other similar court. If the current date and time is ten (10) calendar days or greater beyond the date/time displayed above, it can be assumed that Arca Oceanus et al has been served with legal orders and/or been subject to search/seizure and/or is subject to some form of “gag order” that prevents us from directly telling anyone about it; in this event, consider our website, all stored data, and any communication emanating or purporting to emanate from arcaoceanus.com or any member of Arca Oceanus et al COMPROMISED AND NO LONGER SECURE.

New York Times Headlines (nytimes.com) for the date and time indicated above:

Leftist Firebrand Is Elected to Lead Mexico,
in a Landslide
Five Takeaways From Mexico’s Election
Supreme Court Labor Decision Wasn’t Just a Loss for Unions


“We are in a time of unprecedented public debate over the government’s powers to secretly obtain information about people. The revelations about the massive NSA bulk surveillance program have raised serious questions about whether these powers are necessary, legal and constitutional. Secret surveillance violates not only the privacy interests of the [member], but the speech interests of [an organization that wishes] to participate in these public debates.”

–Excerpt from the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s page defining a Warrant Canary


The statement above, provided by the free-internet advocate organization Electronic Frontier Foundation*, outlines pretty well the reasons why steps to limit the disturbing (and potentially unconstitutional, in the case of the United States) overreach by government agencies are right and necessary. A Warrant Canary is merely one possible method that can be employed, but warrant canaries are not without their weaknesses, and may in fact provide what amounts to a false sense of security in an age where that can be especially dangerous.

Arca Oceanus makes this warrant canary available to aid members/partners/users in feeling confident that information exchanged between us is secure; however, we do not represent it as being foolproof, and we do not guarantee that the security of our information/communications has not been compromised (or has been compromised) regardless of the condition of the warrant canary or the status of it’s update process.

Ultimately, we remind everyone using our site or engaging with our project that firstly, the internet is an insecure place and there’s nothing anyone (including us) can do to change that; and secondly, you must use your own judgment to decide what you “put out there” (share, whether with us or anyone else) for the world to potentially see. We do our best to protect your private information, communications, etc., but we simply cannot guarantee the success of our efforts. Nobody can make any such guarantee, ever.

* this is an organization we strongly support, and recommend that you do likewise.

We also recommend that you do everything, everything in your power to reign in corruption and maintain your freedoms as the basic human right that they are.