Waiting On The World To Change

Driving to get a bite to eat with my family on Father’s Day. John Mayer’s “Waiting On The World To Change” comes on the radio. First time I’d ever paid attention to the lyrics.


Keep waiting, John, and all you’ll have at the end of your life is a sore ass (from sitting on it) and a world that’s even worse than it is now.

I wish I could say something more inspiring than that, give some up-beat rah-rah assessment to assuage the soul of those who think so deeply about the world condition, but there’s no comfort I can give in this case. Simply put, the world as it exists now is already lost and you ain’t gonna change it; if you think somehow that you are, I assure you I’m not the delusional one.

And that’s what the song is saying, essentially–that people today are powerless to really make a difference, so they just wait for it to somehow happen. If you’re one of those “waiting on the world to change”, you’ll be waiting a very long time. Don’t worry, though; you won’t be alone. It seems the whole bloody world is waiting (far too patiently and passively) for exactly that impossibility.

Well, almost the whole world. Some of us…

…some of us…

…have already realized that the world as we think of it isn’t going to change, at least not for the better. Too many systems hold us down, too many structures keep us placated and ignorant, too many powerful forces profit from the status quo. The world we live in now will never be different, no matter who’s “in charge” of it. The playing field has already been decided, the rules already written, the methodology already set in stone, and neither you nor anyone else has a say in it anymore. The board is already fully developed, all the properties owned by someone else with houses and hotels everywhere; the best you can hope to do is land on “chance” or “community chest”. Hell, most of us don’t even get to pass GO anymore.

The world–this world–is what it is and always will be. Vote Trump. Vote Hillary. What difference does it make in the end? It just doesn’t matter; they’re two sides of the same coin, one just as beholden to the system as the other. This party, that party, this or that ideology–it’s all bogus. Vote all you want, and then wait with John.

The only meaningful way to “vote” is with your feet, and the world as we know it makes that next to impossible, too.

That’s why we’re here. Honest to goodness, that’s why this project exists. The point of Arca Oceanus is to give people a real choice again, because until we have that–the real ability to take or leave the society around us and force governments to compete for our time and talents–we’ll never be truly heard, and we’ll never be truly free. Until you have the ability to create the rules you live by, and then move with your creation at will, you’ll never really have liberty. The best you can expect is some watered-down, dumbed-down version, wrapped in the finest Hollywood attire and Washington double-speak. You’ll let the powers that be whittle away at what little freedom you do still have, in the name of “security” or “progress” or “family values” or whatever the buzzword of the day is, until it’s gone. Until it’s too late.

The world as it exists now isn’t going to change, and so a new world–new “land”, new ideas, new “rules”, and new freedoms–must be created. There is no other way. You’re a fool if you’re simply waiting for this fresh new thing to spring from the old. You’ll wait, and that’s all you’ll do. And in the end, you’ll get the sore ass and disappointment you rightfully deserve.


…unless you find a way to build something new, something different, something truly revolutionary. Something that in very real ways is truly yours.

And you can. Without bloodshed. Without waiting.

Want change? Real change? The change you decide on, you dream about, you are in meaningful control of? Want to be heard, respected, valued?

Stop waiting. Start working.

With US.
PS — sooner or later some fool will try to argue that this song is actually a hopeful take, saying “just wait until our generation is in charge”! I know that’s essentially the meaning of the song, and it’s completely wrong-headed. The current world structure will never change for the better, I don’t care who is running it. I’m even more doubtful of a generation that expects to “make it all better” once they “get their turn”, but spends the meantime waiting and watching it go even more to shit.

Want to be the “generation” that truly changes the world? NO PROBLEM. Our application page is right here.

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