The Conductor’s Name is OZZY

Ozzy Osborne, lead singer of the English metal band “Black Sabbath”, released his first solo album in 1980. The debut single from that album was a cut entitled “Crazy Train”. Throughout the early formulation stage of The Arca Oceanus Project, I’ve often wondered–sometimes aloud–whether I might be a bona-fide ticket-holding passenger on this particular locomotive.

Apparently, I’m not done with Ozzy just yet (which in and of itself may be cause for concern).

Black Sabbath’s biggest hit was the title track from their second album…”Paranoid”.

After working on the latest page for the website, and it’s accompanying Warrant Canary, I’m beginning to believe the Ozzmeister and I might be attached at the hip.

I might be crazy…and apparently paranoid as well.

The thing is that both of these “conditions” are, it seems to me, warranted (pardon the pun). What we are doing here is in many ways unprecedented, vitally necessary, and “dangerous” on any number of levels (not the least of which is the likelihood it might piss off all the wrong people). Pair the inherent risks of the project with the data-gathering we are doing via our testing model, and you have a complete recipe for information-handling nightmares across the spectrum of possibilities, including issues with law enforcement, corporate spies, “hacker collectives” and more.

It’s enough to make you…well, crazy paranoid.

I promise not to bite the head off of any bats, though. That’s been done. I’m all about doing things that have never been done before–like building sea-based colonies and stuff.

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