The Arca Oceanus Mission

As an organization, Arca Oceanus is dedicated to the earnest creation of a manned, autonomous, sovereign sea nation-colony, situated in international waters and independent of any political jurisdiction or territorial interference.

In the pursuit of this goal our endeavors will follow, as closely as practical and possible, these “prime directives”:

  • We will make every effort to ensure the safety of those who fabricate and/or inhabit our colony;
  • We will build and live in an ethical, responsible manner that protects the environment and the creatures who call the oceans home;
  • We will utilize methods that are sustainable, including the use of technologies to provide energy from natural, renewable resources and that incorporate recycled and/or environmentally “safe” materials;
  • We will incorporate cutting-edge technologies that allow us to operate efficiently yet conscientiously, and continually research ways to improve our own and others’ building/living practices to meet the goals outlined above;
  • We will actively seek ways to clean up the messes made by others in order to protect and revive aquatic species and habitats;
  • We will open the doors to everyone, regardless of race, creed, national origin, or income, provided they honor our mission ideology, goals, and directives, and provided they agree to put forth their best efforts to create and sustain the new colony; and
  • We shall do so free of the influences, as much as possible, of people, governments, and organizations which, in our discretion, do not have the best interests of our members, the planet, the oceans, and the whole of mankind most at heart.

Arca Oceanus operates in recognition that humankind lives in symbiosis with the other species of the Earth, not in competition with or at the expense of those species. We are committed to seeing to it that our methods reflect this, and that the civilization we create honors this understanding.