(Archived) – The AO Mission

In an effort to maintain fluidity in the face of changing technologies, circumstances and discoveries, our “Mission Statement” is prone to change. In fact, that could be one of our missions–to avoid the bureaucratic headaches that hamstring most organizations and prevent them from truly getting things done.

With this in mind, here is a brief statement of goals and beliefs that help define the why and how of Arca Oceanus:

As an organization, we are dedicated to the earnest pursuit of manned sea colonies. This includes but is not limited to the creation and fabrication of our own colony, autonomous of any political jurisdiction or corporate interference.

In order of importance, our endeavors will follow these directives throughout the journey from vision to reality:

  • Making every effort to maximize the safety of those who fabricate and/or inhabit the colony;
  • Building and living in a responsible manner that protects the environment and the creatures who call the oceans home;
  • Utilizing methods of building and living that are sustainable, including the use of technologies to provide energy from natural, renewable resources and fabricating from recycled and/or environmentally “safe” materials;
  • Constantly researching ways to improve our own and others’ building practices to meet the goals outlined above;
  • Investigating ways to clean up the messes made by others, and enacting policies that put our discoveries to work doing exactly that in an effort to not only protect but revive aquatic creatures and habitats;
  • Making efficiency paramount to our cause, so long as it does not negatively compromise the principles outlined above; and
  • Doing so free of the influences, as much as possible, of people and organizations who do not have the best interests of the planet, the oceans, and mankind most at heart.

As part of our overarching goal, we intend to finance our endeavors through the marketing of new products and processes discovered throughout the journey from dream to reality. Owing to the need to protect proprietary information, this part is intentionally ambiguous and will be expounded upon as circumstances permit.

Lastly, we are motivated by the belief that the world is in trouble and sea colonization is the best chance for the survival of human kind. We do not, however, believe it to be in man’s best interest to “save” humanity at the expense of other species or the planet as a whole. In our estimation, forethought and prudence that takes all of creation into account¬†is a vital component of virtually¬†any human activity, particularly that which expands man’s footprint on the planet.

It is our belief that poor thinking, poor planning and a poor attitude (centered around greed and personal gain) are in many ways to blame for the situation we currently find our planet in, and only by thinking for the long-term, in ways that benefit the planet as a whole, can we undo the damage that has been done. The overall mission of Arca Oceanus is to make great strides in that direction, building the necessary infrastructure for continued human occupation of the Earth while responsibly protecting the habitat of it’s other occupants and wisely caring for the environment we all must share.

Arca Oceanus operates with the understanding that humankind lives in symbiosis with the other species of the Earth, not in competition with or at the expense of those species. We are committed to seeing to it our methods reflect this reality.