Seeking Members With Specific Skills/Experience/Contacts

CronusBonus Opportunity!

To find any kind of success the Arca Oceanus Project must solve dozens and dozens of conundrums, many of which have baffled humanity for years. Tall order, isn’t it?

The thing is, we’re of the opinion that most of the world’s issues already have a solution, but those solutions haven’t been cohesively formed or properly applied yet. Seasteading is our approach to doing just this. Likewise, the problems of seasteading have already been solved; thanks to the internet, the information is out there just waiting to be found…we simply need to assemble the individual parts of the answer into a cohesive tool, and then direct that tool to “fixing” the problem at hand.

But how do you know which parts to form together, and which tool to apply to which problem?

The short answer is “qualified research and brilliant decision-making”. Surprisingly, the most important words in that answer are not “research” and “decision-making”, but rather “qualified” and “brilliant”.

We need really smart people with experience in specific disciplines who can assess the available data and then decide which best applies to our needs.

That’s a little simpler, right?

Oh, and they have to want to live on the ocean, in spartan-like conditions (at first), in an experimental society with few rules and no safety net…and do it all without pay.

No problem.

If you think you might be one of those amazing souls who find this possibility both fascinating and enticing, the next question is “What can you bring to the project besides enthusiasm (and suicidal tendencies)?”

These are the skills and disciplines we are most in need of, divided into three categories — now, RIGHT now, and YESTERDAY!!!

Just kidding. The truth is we needed ALL of these skills yesterday! But we’ll take them whenever we can get them.

    Internet Research, with strong assessment and technical writing skills
    Media/Creative – Graphic Design
    Media/Creative – Videography/Video Production
    Legal – Maritime Law
    Legal – Business/Contract/Tax Law
    Legal – Government/International
    Finance – Accounting/Tax
    Finance – Investment
    Media/Public Relations – Public Speaking
    Media/Public Relations – Social Networking
    Media/Public Relations – Website Development
    Media/Public Relations – Traditional Media
    Science – Biology, particularly marine biology
    Science – Aquaponics/Aquaculture
    Science – Polymers, particularly for construction/maritime use
    Science/Research – Materials, particularly “spider silk” and “nanocarbon”
    Computers – Networking (intranet and internet)
    Computers – Security/Privacy/Cryptography
    Computers – 3D Printing
    Business – Leadership/Management
    Business – Organization/Structure
    Human Resources/Recruiting/Personnel Management
    Construction – Underwater
    Construction – General
    Welding/Machining/Fabrication Technology
    Engineering – Maritime
    Engineering – Structural/Architectural
    Engineering – Mechanical
    Drafting (especially CAD)/3D Modeling
    Oil Rig Experience
    SCUBA and other diving
    Sailing/Shipping/Cruise Line experience (especially as operating crew)
    Naval Experience – General, with preference for having served onboard ocean-crossing vessels

A CR 2000 CronusBonus is available for some of these disciplines, just for signing on! Leadership positions with additional bonuses are also available for the right candidates.

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