The Mind Behind Arca Oceanus

The Arca Oceanus Project is the brainchild of personal development author Joss Conlon, for whom it is both a personal passion and vital humanitarian mission. Conlon, who is not a “seafaring man”, recognized the need for both choice in government (including the ability to create one for yourself if so inclined) and fresh “space” on which to bring new governments forth; this quickly pointed him in the direction of the only frontier left within the confines of Earth’s atmosphere–the ocean.

Mr. Conlon undertook a search for a worthwhile seasteading project he could fully support, but was too often disappointed by what he perceived as philosophical and practical shortcomings. Upon realizing that no current project was destined to address these differences anytime soon, he set out to create a special place “where common men and women could once again strive for something remarkable, unfettered by the dogma and regulation of the past”. His vision was to bring together a group of intelligent, hard-working visionaries who would share in both the effort and the reward, but who were not motivated or overly influenced by existing financial systems (nor the societal architecture that supports them).

The goal is to build a new society with a large yet mobile physical infrastructure that can sustain it, allowing for common needs to be met while permitting the choice to come and go as one sees fit. The initial planned colony structure would be “a beacon of hope toward which people of like mind and superior effort will be drawn, finding safety and acceptance while they experiment with true freedom”. This hope, this beacon, this ark, would serve as the gateway to the New Frontier of Freedom. Thus, Arca Oceanus–the Ark of the Ocean–was born.