Born in the USA

It’s July 4, two hundred forty two years to the day since the United States declared independence from England. Like most Americans, I’ve spent parts of the last two or three days eating grilled hot dogs, listening to music, and watching fireworks. Over the years I’ve been the flag-waving, patriotic t-shirt wearing, kill-a-commie-for-your-mommy type who […]


Beats Me.

I was answering a couple of questions on Quora lately, and I quickly came to realize that I wasn’t answering much at all. That’s because the answers to so many questions go something like this: So how much is this project going to cost? No idea. How is it going to be built? Uh, I […]


The Conductor’s Name is OZZY

Ozzy Osborne, lead singer of the English metal band “Black Sabbath”, released his first solo album in 1980. The debut single from that album was a cut entitled “Crazy Train”. Throughout the early formulation stage of The Arca Oceanus Project, I’ve often wondered–sometimes aloud–whether I might be a bona-fide ticket-holding passenger on this particular locomotive. […]