Become A Sea Pioneer

For the first time in history, colonizing the open sea has become possible. Fueled by advancements in technology and knowledge, and motivated by great need, the race to establish human habitation on the open ocean has begun.

It is the New Frontier of Freedom, and you can be a part of it all…if you have what it takes.

A Challenge Like No Other

Joining Arca Oceanus is easy…and yet, it isn’t. The truth is that the life we’re pursuing will be difficult, and won’t be for everyone, but the journey to get from here to there will be a hundred times more challenging. There is historical precedent for this in the founding of the United States of America; the Mayflower pilgrims boarded a rickety boat for a dangerous journey across the savage sea, only to find that organizing and building a new colony–a new nation–was by itself a monumental task; the families who joined wagon trains during the great western expansion faced hostile natives, starvation, disease, and ferocious weather, before arriving in lands that were themselves frequently unforgiving. Many were lost, killed by the hardships of the journey or later, by the arduous life that lay ahead of them.

And yet they persevered, and those who survived created what is arguably the most successful nation to have ever graced the planet, governed in what was then an entirely new way which (until it was corrupted) did more to advance the condition of mankind than even it’s founders could have envisioned.

We aim to accomplish the same things. Despite the advances in technology that will aid us, our mission will be just as fraught with doubt and ridicule, governmental interference, overbearing costs, stops-and-starts, brick walls, and as many failures as there are successes–and those are just the challenges we’re anticipating. There will be plenty of others we simply can’t see coming.

This Will Be Too Tough For Most

We look to those who came before us for inspiration. We aim to achieve at least as much as they did, with the same determination and good grace that they mustered while conquering a continent. We are reminded, though, that not just anyone could have achieved what they did–and not just anyone can be a part of our mission, either.

Mostly, we are cognizant of the fact that what we’re trying has never been attempted before; not the seasteading part–there have been numerous attempts at that–but the way we intend to get from here to there.

Enormous cost has consistently been the roadblock to success for any sea colonization effort. Those who have come before have been utterly unsuccessful, and in virtually every instance they were filthy rich when they started. They had resources we don’t have and connections we don’t have, and yet each and every time they failed miserably. Now we are attempting to achieve the same dream, starting with almost nothing.

It’s nuts. Anyone of rational and reasonable mind knows this intuitively. If you have doubts, especially of the nagging kind, it’s your intellect telling you that this whole idea is foolishness of the highest order and you should run very far away, and very quickly.

If you’re still reading, you have some decisions to make.

The first thing you must decide, if you are thinking of trying to join us, is whether you can (first) accept the fact that this is an absolutely irrational idea that is bound to fail, and (second) give your all to it anyway. If you cannot laugh in the face of impossible odds and insurmountable obstacles, and then put your shoulder to the unyielding wall and push with all you’ve got…you are not right for this project.

There’s more.

We are employing a totally unique financial model that depends entirely on what will amount to voluntary slavery. You will work hard–long hours, difficult tasks, short deadlines–and you won’t be paid one thin dime. Every effort you put toward this will be rewarded with the satisfaction of a job well done, and little else. Ultimately, you’ll be “paying off your reservation” on the world’s first manufactured sovereign nation, but everything you do will be entirely voluntary; everything you create will belong to the project and not to you; every real dollar or ounce of sweat you expend in furtherance of this mission will be lost to you forever, with no guarantee that the colony will ever truly come to fruition, which means no guarantee there will even be anything to apply a paid-off reservation to.

We are being as up-front about this as we possibly can; you could give a great deal and get absolutely nothing in return. In fact that’s more than possible–it’s damned likely.

The second thing you must decide, if you are thinking of trying to join us, is whether you can (first) commit yourself to working your ass off, and (second) doing it with no pay and no guarantee of any future reward of any kind, ever. If you cannot laugh in the face of certain uncertainty and the very real possibility that nothing will ever come of it, and then fix this marvelous vision of the future in your head and heart and push (for free) with all you’ve got…you are not right for this project.

There’s even more.

If we succeed in creating and building the floating colony-structure, and if we manage to successfully launch and occupy it, the challenges do not end. In fact, a whole new set of potential disasters awaits. The colonists will have to be prepared to defend themselves against a host of difficulties, from hostile pirates to invading nations, from devastating storms to a crippling lack of supplies. All of the comforts you currently take for granted–lots of space, lots of stuff, easy access to food and medical care, abundant supplies of clean water and ready electricity, temperature control, the internet, McDonalds–all of that will be gone (or nearly so), at least for awhile. On top of that, you’ll work–a lot. There will be a never-ending list of chores for every hardy soul who dares enter “the New World”, and the cost of failure in any aspect of it could very well be survival.

Eventually we expect to have all of that back and more, and to provide a life that offers both great freedom and great abundance for our progeny…but the simple reality is that your initial quality of life in the new colony will probably be significantly lower than it is right now. It is entirely possible that you will find yourself cold, hungry, tired, and hundreds of miles from any other civilization…with trillions and trillions of gallons of angry water standing between you and the nearest shore.

The third thing you must decide, if you are thinking of trying to join us, is whether you can (first) adapt to a significant downgrade in your lifestyle, and (second) accept that any failure on your part may lead to death (for you or those around you). If you cannot laugh in the face of real hardship and consequences that could be fatal, and then volunteer for that life anyway and push with all you’ve got…you are not right for this project.

So what are the benefits?

In the end you’ll have to decide that for yourself, but here are three anticipated benefits that in great part motivated the founding of the Arca Oceanus Project:

  • The chance to experience true freedom, or at least as close to it as you’ll ever likely come. Nothing that involves people working together can survive without some form of central planning and decision-making (which is a fancy way of saying “government”), especially when it’s a project of this magnitude. However, the society we envision will be very loosely tied, with as little actual regulation as we can get away with and still survive. Moreover, you (like every colonist) will have a direct say in every aspect of leadership and every major decision that must be made in the governance of the colony.
  • The chance to truly make history. Someone is going to do this successfully, and it will alter the course of human history. Anyone who comes after will have their own importance, but they won’t be the first and they aren’t likely to be remembered. Billions and billions of people have come and gone in this world, and billions more will follow after them, never achieving anything noteworthy and never being remembered by anyone beyond a generation or two of their own immediate family. This is a real chance to etch your name into the books, with the potential to be enshrined in the memory of millions for millennia.
  • The opportunity to help save humanity. Ocean colonization will not, by itself, rescue humankind from the mess we are making of things (though it stands to offer hope to millions of people who might otherwise be in danger of losing their lives and property as climate change worsens). However, seasteading is more than just living on the ocean–it is also (and perhaps more importantly) a bootstrap effort that will be the proving grounds for the technologies and attitudes we’ll need to colonize space. Before much longer we will outgrow this planet–we’re already dangerously close–and an eventual move to space is inevitable. Sea colonies will help facilitate that, allowing us to develop and test the skills and tech that will make it all possible.

Delusions of grandeur? Overblown pipe-dreams? Perhaps. These are nevertheless our goals and the forces that motivate us.

Is it worth it to you?

Again, this is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. Here’s a hint, though…

    If you’ve read through everything above, and despite it all you can’t wait to get started, you’re probably one of us.

If you just don’t think this is right for you, that’s okay. There are still ways you can help advance our efforts.

On the other hand, if you feel the excitement welling up inside you and a sense of grand adventure is raising the hairs on the back of your neck, you most definitely should read our Application Requirements page.