Application Requirements

There are several requirements that potential applicants must meet, and several additional pieces of information that you should be aware of prior to engaging in the application process. In addition to the information presented here, we recommend that you thoroughly examine our Important Definitions and Considerations page, which will help familiarize you with some of the terms and concepts you may encounter.

Requirements for Application

You must meet all of these requirements in order to apply for membership in the Arca Oceanus Project:

  • You must be able to read, write and speak English fluently.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age, and legally able to enter into a contract.
  • You must have regular, consistent, 24-hour access to internet service, of sufficiently high speed to engage in videoconferencing, live streaming, etc.
  • You must be able to (when asked) provide a legitimate address to and from which packages may be shipped.
  • You must already have or be able to open a PayPal account through which real American dollars can be exchanged between the Arca Oceanus Project and yourself.
  • You must provide a telephone number by which you may be contacted (though the vast majority of communication will occur via email or videoconference).
  • You must agree to answer all test questions and complete all work assignments truthfully, honorably, timely, and to the best of your abilities.

By proceeding with the application process outlined below, you agree that you meet all of the requirements listed above.

Important Information for Potential Applicants

Application does not guarantee membership. Applicants will be considered regardless of race, creed, color, nationality, etc., so long as they are able to meet the requirements established above. Once the application process begins, applicants will be judged solely on the merits of their answers to questions, their demonstration of skills, their psychological temperament and suitability for inclusion in this type of project (as assessed by a professionally-prepared and administered test designed for that purpose), and other factors related to aptitude and effort as measured by the application process, and in no way influenced by race, creed, color, nationality, etc.

The Five Step Application Process

There are five steps involved in applying and being considered for membership in the Arca Oceanus Project. Each of these carries its own reason, and none is more or less important than another.

The first step is completed online, right from this website. It is a fifteen-question test that is taken anonymously, evaluated immediately, and opens (or closes) access to Step Two. These fifteen questions help us to determine several important things, not the least of which is whether or not you’ve read the vital information we’ve provided for you prior to you continuing with the process. It also sets a precedent for things to come, since regular and in-depth testing is a large part of our program moving forward.

Step Two is all about us getting to know you. It’s a simple essay (the details of which will be provided during that phase) that allows you to tell us why we should consider you for membership and what you’ll bring to the program. Like step one, this part is anonymous and will be completed online right from our website. It will be forwarded to evaluators who will determine (within seven days) whether or not you are invited to complete the third step.

As with the first two, you will complete Step Three anonymously and online (though it will be administered from a different website). It is an intense, in-depth test which serves both as a psychological evaluation and an aptitude battery. It will take several hours to complete, and you will not know the results of the exam for up to an additional seven days. This is merely the first of several such tests you will take throughout your pre-membership and (if successfully approved) provisional membership periods. Testing is a vital part of our placement and development program.

If you are invited to participate in Step Four, you will find that everything from this point forward (and retroactively backwards) is tied to your actual “real” identity (though protected behind our “information firewall” which keeps your AOIdent separate from your “true” details). This step involves setting you up in our system, still as a pre-member, so that you may be assigned the task that you’ll complete in Step Five. The fourth step is mostly about providing necessary information, and signing several legal documents that include a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

The fifth step is a test of sorts, also. This time, however, you’ll be evaluated on your ability to complete a task that we assign. Your results will be closely scrutinized by Arca Oceanus senior leadership, and if your work is deemed satisfactory, you’ll be approved for provisional membership. You’ll sign additional documents, receive your Development Team assignment(s), and also your Arca Oceanus account information. From here you will be considered a “member of the team”, and everything you do henceforth will be credited in some way toward your “balance due” (you’re paying toward your Accommodation Advance, which is the amount that we “front” you to reserve your spot in the new colony). This is how you “earn” for the work that you do…and you’ll do a lot of it. While each step is critical, and carries with it it’s own kind of importance, Step Five is where you’ll truly “show us what you can do”. It is this step that gives us the best idea whether our investment in you will be worthwhile in the long term. It also allows us to determine, among other things, your potential for leadership and whether you should be considered/trained for a position on a Leadership Team or even the Senior Leadership Council.

Your membership will be “provisional”, rather than “full”, for at least one year following the successful completion of Step Five. The only difference between the two levels is that a “full” member cannot be dismissed from the program by anything less than a four-fifths vote of the Senior Leadership Council, whereas a provisional member can be dismissed by anyone on the Senior Leadership Council for any reason, and can only be reinstated by a four-fifths vote on appeal. Dismissal only occurs for the most egregious of reasons (such as failure to complete work assignments or violating privacy/secrecy/non-disclosure agreements), so this should not be a concern under normal circumstances.

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