A Human Colony on the High Seas

Seasteading, or colonizing the ocean for human habitation, has finally moved from the pages of science fiction and into the realm of entirely possible.

Arca Oceanus–the Ark of the Ocean–is a collective of explorers, adventurers, visionaries and pioneers who have come together to bring the dream of a fully-functional, politically independent seastead into reality. We seek freedom, discovery, fortune and glory. We are on the forefront of making history, in ways that haven’t happened in hundreds of years and other ways that have never happened before.

We call this ball that we live on “Planet Earth”, but it’s not…it’s Planet Ocean. 71% of our world is ocean, yet we use virtually none of it for habitation. Since the dawn of mankind we’ve occupied giant mounds of dirt that are now overcrowded, over-farmed, and over-regulated. There is no land left for those who seek true freedom and ultimate adventure, and until this point in history there’s been nothing we could realistically do about it. But driven by new technology and increasing need, the monumental expansion of our world is now becoming possible.

The ocean is the New Frontier. The members of Arca Oceanus will tame it, colonize it, and create opportunities the likes of which have never been available before. Seasteading opens new avenues of freedom and self-determination, and Arca Oceanus will be right there to ensure that it’s done sustainably, responsibly, and for the benefit of all mankind (not just the privileged few).

Arca Oceanus is building the gateway to ocean colonization for the common man, though we know that those who choose to participate in this project are decidedly uncommon.

If you are one of them…

…if you are one of us

…we invite you to join us in the adventure of a lifetime. We’ll make history, we’ll save the species, and we’ll usher in the dawn of a new age of exploration, discovery, and freedom.

You can be a part of it all.

Find out how.